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[1.7.2] Zeridia[300 Slots][Factions][RpgSkills][Classes]

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Get ready for the most addictive Factions modpack/server  you have ever played!
A Modpack built by the Lite It Up Gaming Community centerd around bettering faction play as well as creating an RPG feel with dailey quests, Custom Npc's, Npc Vendors, Instance Dungeons, Skill Points System, Classes, Patch notes with new items and areas to explore weekly. What more can you need? If your a fan of Factions And raiding this Server/modpack is just what your dailey diet's been missing. 
Open up your Technic Launcher and scroll down through the mod selection on your left hand side untill you see an icon saying "Add a Pack"  Click the "Add a Pack'' then Paste this link into it: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/motherload
Bam! Welcome to Zeridia! The Server i.p is preinstalled in the pack Enjoy!
Make Sure You Install Our Custom Texture Pack On Joining For a Full Zeridian Experience!
Check Out Our Website and Join Our Explosive Gaming Community Today! http://www.LiteItUpGaming.Net
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Zeridia 2.5 Is now Out!
Please Update Your packs when prompt to on the technic launcher.
Patch Notes:
- Added Botania Mod 
- Added "The Barrels Mod" For Better Storage
- Disabled The Creation Of Nether Portals; Prevent People from Porting into your base. 
- Added BiblioCraft for More a Decorative Storage Selection 

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