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[1.6.4] SweProx [PvP and PvE] [100 SLOTS][ OPEN FOR ALL] [Modpack Name: Proxes]

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Welcome to our SweProx Server! 
In this pack we have many popular and fun mods. This pack is perfect for having fun with your friends, building up your own base with many machines and any kind of blocks. In this pack we also have weapons which you can use to protect yourself from mobs and other players. We have also got planes, cars and tanks which you can use to attack other people and their bases. This pack was made for multiplayer! For those who likes to build much we have installed mico blocks and other mods that can be fun to build with. There are many other things to discover in our pack! So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends about this pack and build up your base with them and explore alot of new biomes and monsters.
In our pack you need at least 2-4GB RAM so to change your RAM amount for your client simply click the wheel at the top right of the Technic Launcher and select how much memory you want minecraft to use. If it stops at 1GB you need to install 64 bit Java. 
Anyway our pack needs Java 64 bit to work without crashes so you must install it! 
          Download Link for Java 64 bit: 
And if you don't have Technic launcher installed you can download it from here! 
it takes between 1-3 minutes to load up our modpack. (Do not close your MC window when it says "Not Responding, just wait for it to load up!") 
Modpack size: 40MB 
How to install the pack, just follow these easy steps: 
1. Open your Technic launcher. 
2. Select add new modpack.(It's a plus sign (avatar) on the left side of the launcher 
3. When the menu appears you have to paste this link in the modpack! 
4. You will then see the pack on your launcher, make sure that you select it and click play!  
The server IP will automatically be there!
24/7 Server
How to install Proxes:
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