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[1.7.10]Promethea[PvP][30 slots][Ugdrora Modpack]

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- 24/7, professionally managed modded minecraft server.
- Friendly, mature community.
- Custom quest line built around our modpack.
Admins: Edoreld & goalie1248.
Mods: Zecharian & Squid-box.
Difficulty: normal.
PvP: on (more than anything to allow friendly fire. It's still against the rules to attack players without their permission)
Plugins: GriefPrevention, CoreProtect.
Disabled: nuke, pneumatic helmet, bound armor, bound pickaxe, bound axe, bound shovel, diamond dolly, player teleporter, crystal chest, mining laser, rain maker. The mining aspect of BC has been disabled.
Server Address: play.promethea-ftb.com
Teamspeak: play.promethea-ftb.com:9987
IRC: #promethea @ chat.freenode.net
How to join: Reply to this thread and then check these instructions
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