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IceHenge Server

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I have an Ice Henge Survival server for mature people to play on. Ice Henge is made by The Mindcrafters  ( www.themindcrafters.com ) Just add the link to your launcher. If you don't know how to add a mod pack to your launcher, the instructions are on the site under mod pack/ IceHenge. All information is there on the site. The server is running 1.6.4 Ice Henge 2.0


My I. P :


No whitelist for now, wanting to get people on, will have whitelist later.


Not going to list all the plugins or what's in the spawn area, just come on and see if you like it.


If you need help or any questions my e-mail I check every day [email protected] .




1. No Griefing


2. No PVP Unless you both agree ! I will kick you If you Kill Me ! Might ban you also....


3. No Raiding


4. I'm very generous with helping players. But I don't like wining or complaining at all. I do take suggestions for the sever.


Hope to see you on..




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