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New mods to add: Sneaky Pipe's and Logistics Pipes

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The title says it all (Almost!).

Sneaky Pipe's: This would be a brilliant mod to add because you could create automatic furnaces without all the mess of chests & pipes everywhere.

It would even be a great way to reduce lag (If you have a quarry) because you could just have a backtrack system / Passive supplier module (Logistics) to lead to a void pipe (If you don't use IC2, if you do then hook it up to a recycler).

Logistics: This mod would help by being able to setup easy access to all your chests at once.Also, you could use the Logistic Chassis' to create a compact sorting system.

I will take any feedback on this idea.

Cheers, - NdMSnIpEz

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So much failure, all in one little package, not the least of which is you need to check to make sure the mod you're suggesting go into SMP actually works in SMP at all. Because it doesn't.

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