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Server wont start


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So I tried to make a new 0.5.3 server.

I downloaded MCV and got 1.2.3 server files.

I copied the server files and eng lang from 0.5.3 to 1.2.3.

I put the 0.5.3 server files into main 1.2.3 directory and the lang into the lang sub folder.

Tried to run it and nothing happened.

Made a run.bat and this came up


Any help will be cool.

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I don't think anybody has found a fix for this yet. All I can say is use 0.5.2 instead since 0.5.3 is a pre-release of 0.5.3. In other words 0.5.3 Only works for single player right now but the full version of it will support it, this is not been done on purpose don't worry; some of the classes used to run it have been overwritten.

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