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Treecapacitor.cfg changes not registering


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I've located the config file at "UserAppDataRoaming.technictekkitmainconfigTreeCapitator.cfg" but the changes I've made are not taking. Is there another location for this file or somewhere else I need to make changes?


The mod works (as in trees fall), but I wanted to make them fall regardless of using an axe as make them fall as if you were only breaking one log.


These are the settings I've changed:


 # [Global] Whether you need an item from the axeIDList to chop down a tree. Disabling will let you chop 
 # trees with any item. [default: true]


# [Global] When true, the log break speed is equal to original break speed / (tree height * 2)
# When false, the original break speed is multiplied by the breakSpeedModifier value [default: true]
# [Global, PerTree] When using an item that can chop trees, the break speed will by multiplied by this value
# THIS OPTION IS IGNORED WHEN treeHeightDecidesBreakSpeed=true [range: 0.01 ~ 1.0, default: 0.256]


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