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Normal maps for shader packs


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I've downloaded and I'm using the Seus 10.1 ultra shader pack and a 128x128 texture pack.

The texture pack is great but due to the various different mods I'm using, the texture pack doesn't cover all the new items.

No Problem I thought, I'll just make my own textures for the addins.

Now I've textured my first machine from the Advanced Machines addon and that works a treat, but I can't get the normal map to work.

I've retextured the various blocks from the Mo' Creatures mod and the normal maps all worked fine but they just don't seem to work for Advanced Machines -


You can see from the other blocks to the left of the screenshot, the normal map is working, but for this one, my first machine, it's not.

Any ideas as to why it won't pick up my normal map file?

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