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Tekkit server

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I am attempting to start a Minecraft server using Tekkit and Hamachi, and I have found myself unable to connect to it. I hosted one while Minecraft was in Beta, and school required me to give up the hobby for some time, so my experiences are rather out of date.

The error message I get when attempting to join using either the Hamachi IP or the 'localhost' command is

"Connection Lost"

"End of Stream"

The server then reports

"[iNFO] / lost connection"

The machine hosting is the same I use to play, the hardware specs are

Windows 7 64-bit & Java 7

Intel Q6600 @ 3.6Ghz


When I ran the server before, I never had any problem with memory shortages, and it shows no evidence of being short that I can see so far, it is unable to connect. Would anyone have advice for a newbie to Tekkit?

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You're almost there. Do you have an error log? Also, the Hamachi IP won't do you any good on the same computer, or at least it didn't last I checked. This isn't a memory problem - it seems like a configuration issue, on either client or server end.

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I'm afraid I don't have a log of it. I have tried it using the Hamachi IP address and by using 'localhost' in the multiplayer address and neither of them work. The only information it gives me is what I stated in the first post.

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