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TechSphere Survival is a skyblock type map in which you spawn on top of a floating sphere of dirt. You have a set of challenges in which you have to complete. But this is no-ordinary skyblock map. I have added many technicpack (or tekkit) based challenges.

I made this map using technicpack so as many people could use it. I may work with your own set of mods



In version 3 the map will be rebuilt for the FTB modpack and the technicpoack version will be discontinued

Contact Me

If you need to contact me please email me at <[email protected]>


Thank you For 1000!!! downloads!!! Updated for Technic 7.2!

<download> Minecraft 1.2.5

Please USE Technic recommended build (not dev or technic 6 or map will NOT work)

If you haven't got it all ready here is the technicpack <download>

To install the map place the download in your %appdata&/roaming/.technicaluncher/technicssp/saves then extract the map so all the files are in one folder



Dont Create Mystcraft Ages

Dont Use Not Enough Itms To Spawn Items In (Put It In Recipie Mode)

Dont Use Any Glitches

Dont Use Any Other Mods/Hacks

1. Create An Automatic cobblestone generator

2. Craft A Philosophers Stone

4. Craft A Transmutation Tablet

5. Craft An Energy Collector

6. Craft An Anti-Matter Reley

7. Craft An Energy Collector

8. Creat An IndustrialCraft Crop Wheat Farm

9. Creat An IndustrialCraft Crop Melon Farm

10. Craft An Crop-Matron

11. Craft A Generator

12. Craft A Induction Furnace

13. Craft A Rotary Macerator

14. Craft A Singularity Compressor

15. Craft A Centrifuge Extractor

16. Craft A Recycler

17. Craft A Mass-Fabricator

18. Craft A HV-Solar Array

19. Craft A Set Of Quantum Suit Armour

20. Craft A Lapp Pack

21. Craft A Pump

22. Fill 20 Tanks With Oil And Refine It To Fuel(OIL FABRICATOR!)

23. Build A HighSpeed Railway To The Mainland

24. Build A 64x64 Quarry At The MainLand And Pipe ALL The Recources Back.

25. Use CrystalineBells to collect vis crystals.

26. Reserch All Of The Items Of Wonder

27. Useing The Thaumic Enchanter Enchant A Diamond Pickaxe With Self Reair Enchant

28. Craft A Arcane Bore

29. At The Mainland Build A Frame Quarry

30. Build A Sorting Sytem With Redpower Or Buildcraft Logistics Pipes


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