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Energy Condenser. Extremly fast Gathering

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Hia. I have not seen anyone done this.

But if u use the Fisher from Minefactory Reloaded.

You can set up infinite and Extremly high rate of EMC.

A fish gives 64Emc, and with a few Fisher setup and 1 timer+redstone,

you will get huge EMC rate.

Notice this is only 2 Fisher's.

but it is 64 times/drop then a quarry.

I choosed Fishers beqouse theyre fast, easy to make and high EMC value.

Fishers is so easy to make that u can easily make it the 1 day in minecraft. (if ure lucky with the iron :P )

The piping goes to my Energy Condenser.

And i got the Timer on fastest speed.

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