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My server crashe'd - any sort of good maintaince?

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Me and my friends are playing on a server of mine. Hosted by myself and all that.

I woke up, and saw alot of errors in the server window.

i tried to delete the world, and but 1 by 1 each region file into the new world.

When i got to the region/chuck were we had build, it went crazy.

So i guess that chunk is dead- BUGGER.

so my question is .. is there a good plugin ive been missing that will help me in the future if that happens again?

a good world backup thinghy? have been lookin on bukkit, but cant seem to find what im looking for.

hope someone can help :)

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instead of spamming with new topics, ill ask in here.

i cant seem to get towny to work.

on my server, one of my friends, cant seem to understand whats hes, and what isnt.

so i thought towny would be a good idea, to protect our stuff.

but i cant get it to work.

Do i need another mod, to make it work with all the other tekkit mods?

nevermind, ive been lookin around - to much config stuff for me..

is there anything else i can setup easy?

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