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"Tekkit Rehab" (a 2 player SMP LP)

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There Can be Adult content (somewhat excessive Cussing at times) but its a joint LP with me and my mate (her youtube channel is kacifoxproductions)

Currently we're uploading it like this. (this week only) Record next 2 episodes in series. -> Upload previously recorded Episode, Next day Record next 2, (aka we record 1&2, over the night we upload Episode 1, then next day Record Episodes 3&4, that night upload Episode 2 etc)

(My Channel)


(Kacifoxproductions 's Channel)


My videos are monertized please dont load them with ad blocker/Noscript. any money i make goes towards my ISP Bill.

the Premise is well Kaci and i are kinda known to be mod addicts in various servers. and playing it from the start with nothing but what Tekkit Provides is almost like Rehab for us, the series did have a "Prequel" to it, which can be seen here:

) hence why the Start of Tekkit Rehab takes off from that LP,

atm we've Recorded upto Episode 6 , and we were going to do 7&8 yesterday, but my server was giving us hell (eating items and so many items just teleporting around it Killed the mood)

so Treat every episode to be a 2 Part-er with part one my side and Part 2 her side.

Forgot to add:

from now on we're going to LS our "Offcamera" events (the longer stuff that wont make it into an LP Episode)

the LS Channel will usally be mine @ livestream.com/cael

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