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[1.7.10]Ancient Mysteries Pixelmon[PvE][20][EZ Pixelmon]


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Modpack : http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/rc-pixelmon.216226


Server ip:


Server rules : A few moves are banned due the fact that they break battles. !This will get updated in the future!

Banned moves : synthesis, Milk drink, confuse ray, any defense increasing moves




Only trusted players will get Survival mode. (I don't know how to get plugins on 1.7.10 since cauldron/spigot/mcpc + got shut down.)

Small description : This server is mainly put up because pixelmon alone/with few people is kinda boring.

I'd love to have new people join us and see them develop.

I am tolerant and I will give people a chance to build certain structures if they apply for it (using no nlegit recources)

No creative however. (Halo -admin- doesn't allow me even tough im the owner ;) )

Many gyms are allowed even of the same type! .

As long as we have enough badges ...

We do have special areas where you can spawn Moltres, Articuno , Zapdos



-If you want to add me on skype sure do you can find with firepower416

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