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Local Tekkit Classic Server Glitch

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Hey guys, I've just been having a bit of a problem with my local server. It was working great for 2 weeks, but since yesterday i receive unplayable lag (about 20-30 sec) when i join, and my ping is shown as very low. Later, if i dc and reconnect, it says it cannot locate the server. I have backedup my world (i want to keep it because it is good) ,re downloaded the server, re downloaded my tekkit pack and even deleted my player.dat file, to no avail. It must have something to do with the world, because when i respawn after deleting my player file, and go back to a certain spot (which was where i stopped yesterday) the lag is horrible. Please help me figure out what is wrong with my world at this certain spot that makes it so slow, eventually to the point of freezing. This is my log thing:

C:UsersZac'sDesktopTekkittekkit server one>java -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar Tekkit.j
ar nogui
182 recipes
27 achievements
07:38:23 [iNFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.2.5
07:38:23 [iNFO] Attempting early MinecraftForge initialization
07:38:23 [iNFO] Completed early MinecraftForge initialization
07:38:23 [iNFO] Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.2.5 loading
07:38:23 [iNFO] Loading mods from C:UsersZac'sDesktopTekkittekkit server on
07:38:25 [iNFO] Directory weaponmod contained no mods
07:38:25 [iNFO] Forge Mod Loader has loaded 38 mods
07:38:25 [iNFO] MinecraftForge v3.3.8.152 Initialized
07:38:25 [iNFO] MinecraftForge v3.3.8.152 Initialized
07:38:25 [iNFO] [WeaponMod] Properties file read succesfully!
07:38:25 [WARNING] Configuration for mod_ComputerCraft.enableAPI_http found valu
e 0 outside acceptable range 4.9E-324,1.7976931348623157E308
07:38:25 [iNFO] Loading ComputerCraft: To change block IDs, modify config/mod_Co
07:38:25 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: computerBlockID 207
07:38:25 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: diskDriveBlockID 208
07:38:25 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: diskItemID 4000
07:38:25 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -49 item slot already occupied by dan200.computer.sha
red.ItemComputer@4500b2 while adding net.minecraft.server.ItemBlock@30e1c0
07:38:25 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: Searching for RedPowerLib...
07:38:25 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: RedPowerLib and methods located.
07:38:25 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -48 item slot already occupied by dan200.computer.sha
red.ItemPeripheral@8d932f while adding net.minecraft.server.ItemBlock@ba2221
07:38:25 [iNFO] Initializing alchemy values for Equivalent Exchange..
07:38:26 [iNFO] NetherOres: loaded Macerator Recipes
07:38:26 [iNFO] Loading properties
07:38:26 [iNFO] Starting Minecraft server on *********************
07:38:27 [iNFO] Loaded codechicken.wirelessredstone.core.CommandFreq
07:38:27 [iNFO] [iC2] Config loaded from C:UsersZac'sDesktopTekkittekkit se
rver one.configIC2.cfg
07:38:27 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ 1237 item slot already occupied by ccSensors.shared.I
temWiFiTransmitter@47ab39 while adding ccSensors.shared.ItemWiFiTransmitter@13a2
07:38:27 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -41 item slot already occupied by ccSensors.shared.It
emComputerSensorBlock@4ca8a8 while adding net.minecraft.server.ItemBlock@d4dbe8
07:38:27 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: Buildcraft
07:38:27 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: IndustrialCraft2
07:38:27 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: Forestry
07:38:27 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: mod_Forestry not found - SensorModule is disab
07:38:27 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: RedPower2
07:38:27 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: EquivalentExchange
07:38:27 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: APS
07:38:27 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: mod_BuildcraftAPS not found - SensorModule is
07:38:27 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: Loading SensorModule: APS
07:38:27 [iNFO] [ccSensors] INFO: mod_ThaumCraft not found - SensorModule is dis
07:38:27 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -78 item slot already occupied by net.minecraft.serve
r.ItemBlock@1332d94 while adding codechicken.enderstorage.ItemEnderChest@f55d7f
07:38:27 [iNFO] CompactSolars: MinecraftForge minor version mismatch, expecting
3.2.x, may lead to unexpected behavior
07:38:27 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -204 item slot already occupied by net.minecraft.serv
er.ItemWithAuxData@1d181de while adding net.minecraft.server.ItemMobSpawner@1a54
07:38:28 [iNFO] RedPowerCore: MinecraftForge minor version mismatch, expecting 3
.1.x, may lead to unexpected behavior
07:38:28 [iNFO] Starting BuildCraft 2.2.14
07:38:28 [iNFO] Copyright © SpaceToad, 2011
07:38:28 [iNFO] [iC2] Loading IC2 submodule: bcIntegration22x
07:38:28 [iNFO] [iC2] BuildCraft integration module loaded
07:38:28 [iNFO] [iC2] Loaded minor compatibility modules: none
07:38:28 [iNFO] ComputerCraft: turtleBlockID 216
07:38:28 [iNFO] CONFLICT @ -40 item slot already occupied by dan200.turtle.share
d.ItemTurtle@ce745b while adding net.minecraft.server.ItemBlock@390afb
07:38:28 [iNFO] Forge Mod Loader load complete, 38 mods loaded
07:38:29 [iNFO] This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Bukkit-jenkins-Cr
aftBukkit-173 (MC: 1.2.5) (Implementing API version 1.2.5-R4.1-MCPC-SNAPSHOT)
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_WirelessRedstoneAddons vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_IronChest vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2_ChargingBench vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftEnergy vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerWiring vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_MinecraftForge vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerControl vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftCore vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_ImmibisCore vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftFactory vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2 vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftBuilders vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerMachine vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerLighting vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_NetherOres vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerWorld vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_ComputerCraft vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_EE vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_TubeStuff vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_BuildCraftTransport vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_NotEnoughItems vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_PowerConverters vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_AdditionalPipes vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_Railcraft vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2AdvancedMachines vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_CCTurtle vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerCore vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_RedPowerLogic vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_WirelessRedstoneRedPower vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_IC2NuclearControl vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_ModularForceFieldSystem vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_ImmiChunkLoaders vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_ccSensors vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_CompactSolars vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_EnderStorage vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_WirelessRedstoneCore vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading Balkon's WeaponMod vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Loading mod_CodeChickenCore vForgeMod
07:38:29 [iNFO] Preparing level "world"
07:38:29 [iNFO] Default game type: 0
07:38:29 [iNFO] Registering world world, dimension 0, of providertype net.minecr
aft.server.WorldProviderNormal@10e1e9d(0) with Minecraft Forge
07:38:29 [iNFO] Registering world world_the_end, dimension 1, of providertype ne
t.minecraft.server.WorldProviderTheEnd@65b934(0) with Minecraft Forge
07:38:30 [iNFO] Registering world world_nether, dimension -1, of providertype ne
t.minecraft.server.WorldProviderHell@1976ec3(0) with Minecraft Forge
07:38:30 [iNFO] Preparing start region for level 0 (Seed: -7437998095847647176)
07:38:30 [WARNING] Could not get information about this CraftBukkit version; per
haps you are running a custom one?: IOException
07:38:30 [iNFO] Preparing start region for level 1 (Seed: -7437998095847647176)
07:38:30 [WARNING] Could not get latest artifact information: IOException
07:38:31 [iNFO] Preparing spawn area: 52%
07:38:31 [iNFO] Preparing start region for level 2 (Seed: 444311388225951500)
07:38:32 [iNFO] Preparing spawn area: 16%
07:38:33 [iNFO] Preparing spawn area: 36%
07:38:34 [iNFO] Preparing spawn area: 56%
07:38:35 [iNFO] Preparing spawn area: 77%
07:38:36 [iNFO] Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it
07:38:36 [iNFO] Done (6.707s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
07:38:36 [iNFO] [Railcraft] Loaded 0 saved Anchors

Any help guys? I think it has something to do with the "Could not get the latest artifact information: IOException" part.

Edited by GangstaCat
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