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[IN DEVELOPMENT] - New Server - RP / PVP - Seeking for more!


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Hello, me and my girlfriend just recently put together a small server using Hamachi, but we're looking to expand.

Apart from general gaming, I'm looking to involve some roleplay aspect to it, building a bunch of major plot-point towns, and eventually involve players in whatever type of story / plot they want to put together for it.

As far as Hamachi, I'm still at only 5 people able to log into the network. Not sure if this is going to impede you from connecting directly to the server itself - but here's the IP if you want to check it out for yourself.

HAMACHI PW: thx1138

Feel free to come in. The spawn point is just off from our first settlement, with a chocobo ranch, some light farming, a main house, a work house, a magic tower (potion brewing, casting, enchantments, nether portal), town well, and a lava pool for waste management.

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