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Sure i could make a server for private user for free . Just some questions befor : what languae du you speak , if it needed later on to pay a little amount of money if i cant would you do and how old....

Hey i speak English, im 18 and sadly i could not pay later. Are you still down? whats your skype name, ill add you!

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Hi, i'm french and but i have my private server "OMGserv", if you can come play in, you can. You can do everythings, cheat or not etc .. we are 2 into the server but i hope, maybe, one day, we will be a lot of people !


i have 21, and i speak english not very well haha ! :)




i have too, my private mumble's server, if you can, go into the server !


By :)

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yeah im thinking now about what hoster for the server is the best  and then im gonna make a whitelist whit .... only 10 slots because anymore is lag .. 

if you are interst for it : Name 



                                     Reason why want to play /help whit our server ..


And you must have a headset or mirco for teamspeak ..

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I would like to join


Name: Jon

MC name: Jonster_27


Reason: i love playing minecraft with other people and i would like to play on this server because aotb is awesome


My skype: Jon Lovelace

Message me on skype if i can join

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