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wireless receiver not working


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"Dear Members, 

I just recently was working on a major project to which uses receivers and transmitters the whole 9 yards. Unfortunately, when I went to do a test on the server, I saved a good copy of the files, and then did the test and things were perfect. That is, until I re-uploaded the copy of the server to continue working. When I reloaded the files to my computer of the project I'd been working for for over 6 months, I quickly realized that none of my receivers where online. When I just a simple run through of all the receivers in the project none of them will turn on. I said, well, crap. So I quickly made a new project, just to test, and realized in the new world just made not but moments ago, the receivers too in there do not work either. Can someone explain what I need to do to get these back online so I can continue my hefty project? I also notice the receivers only work if the transmitter has been activated, yet there is no way to turn the receiver off like you use to be able to. "


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