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Need Help by make running my server with plugins


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You'll need a 1.6.4 version of MCPC+ or Cauldron. The problem is, the people in-charge of it abandoned it because of the legal problem going on with Spigot and Bukkit. I'll provide you with a link for the download at the bottom of the post.


1. Download the .Jar file

2. Put the .Jar file into your servers main directory

3. Make sure when the server loads, it's using the custom .Jar file


That's it. You'll know you've done the right thing, because a "Plugin" folder will appear in your files after the server launches. Here's the link for the .Jar. It's called "custom.jar" but that's because I have to use it like this so my host reads the .Jar, but you shouldn't have any worries about it.



If you need anymore help, feel free to let me know

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Hi Nahan


i have a hexxit server but i think it should also work with cauldron

do i need to rename the custom.jar file into my minecraft-server.jar file or do i must change something in the code?




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