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Specific commands not working on server


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Recently, whilst trying to launch a Tekkit server with my friend, we ran into an issue with some of the commands after doing a restart. Certain commands such as /gamerule, /cofh and /qcraft don't seem to give us permission to use, saying we don't have the permission to perform the commands, despite us being Admin/Owner with PermissionsEX, and being Op. I'm only listing it on the tekkit forums because this hasn't happened on our other servers, and it relates to some of the mod-related commands as well, so currently i'm believing it may be to do with the modpack. Would anybody know how to fix this issue? If you need any screenshots, just ask for them.


Also, I sincerely apologize if I'm posting under the wrong discussion/forums, as I wasn't sure which one to post this under, and this seemed like my best option for an answer.


With regards,



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