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SteamPunk'd - You've Been Steampunk'd


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SteamPunk'd - You've Been SteamPunk'd
This is the 1.7.10 modpack for all those Steampunk/Gaslight fans out there. Ever wish to create a steampunk world? Gears, Different types of metals, and stuff just wooshing through pipes giving that steampunk feel to it all. There is some magic to it but we're somewhat trying to limit how much magic goes into it. For those of y'all who don't know what steampunk is, it is a genre of science fiction that is based on lower and less advanced technology run by steam and other unusual power sources. Think of things like springs, pipes, gears, and metal machinery based everything.

If you like steampunk more than just the mods and want to make it look even better I suggest you download Glimmar's Steampunk Texturepack. It has an amazing look and will definetly serve your world an extra feeling of steampunk. http://bit.ly/1u0PneJ
There are also many other texture packs out there based on a medieval theme which you may want to try.

Optional Mod:
Better World Generation by Ted80 - http://bit.ly/1rvSkoZ
- this is if you'd like to creake a different type of world. My personal favorite is the SkyLands. Although if you use that I'm unsure if some of the other mods that effect world generation will take effect, so keep that in mind when making a world. You access this by changing the world type when creating a new world.
Biomes'O'Plenty by Glitchfiend - http://bit.ly/WV1YoB
- this is also activated by changing the world options.

Archimedes Ships by BalkondeurAlpha - http://bit.ly/1shi0os
Airship Mod by PChan3, Updated by GoToLink - http://bit.ly/1CPIf99 - http://bit.ly/1utQGnN
Automagy by Tuhljin - http://bit.ly/1v2xYRZ
Balkon's Weapon Mod by BalkondeurAlpha - http://bit.ly/1zgsENS
Baubles by Azanor - http://bit.ly/1vuZwlr
Better Storage by Copygirl- http://bit.ly/1B834dg
Bibliocraft by Nuchaz - http://www.bibliocraftmod.com/
Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper - http://www.carpentersblocks.com/index.html - http://bit.ly/1CiF7Co
CraftGuide by Uristqwerty - http://bit.ly/1mt3V6T
Craft Heraldry by Vazkii - http://bit.ly/1qWgdGe - http://bit.ly/1u29fAI
Dimensional Anchors by Immibis - http://bit.ly/1mNtvwU
ExtraTiC, Tinkers Construct Add-on by Glassmaker - http://bit.ly/1rXCReQ
Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power by Flaxbeard - http://bit.ly/VtowLo
Gravestone by Nightkosh - http://bit.ly/ZMUjK9 - http://bit.ly/1ruPoIs
GrowthCraft mods by Gwafu - http://bit.ly/1ufh4Uo
HopperDucts by FyberOptic - http://bit.ly/1ukGD28
Inventory Tweaks by Kobata - http://bit.ly/1pkVMwm - http://bit.ly/1mN6eBR
J.A.B.B.A by ProfMobius - http://bit.ly/1rql6Xv
Natura by Progwm16 - http://bit.ly/1lEvHY6
Not Enough Items by ChickenBones - http://bit.ly/1j08rrI
PocketCraft by Sarkahn - http://bit.ly/1wMKAOP
Roguelike Dungeons by Greymerk - http://bit.ly/1raCRKV
Statues Mod by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN - http://bit.ly/1vvBBDH
Storage Drawers by Jaquadro - http://bit.ly/1sqMOoZ
Tinkers Construct by mDiyo, continued by Boni - http://bit.ly/1CiRj5Z - http://bit.ly/1jmalQx
Tinkers Steelworks, Addon for Construct by Ephys - http://bit.ly/1owVVxc
Thaumcraft by Azanor - http://bit.ly/1sANHq8
Twilight Forest by Benimatic - http://bit.ly/1v0s0TP
Witchery by Emoniph - http://bit.ly/1rG0lIf
Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod by AiryBreath (Joe Amenta) - http://bit.ly/1qeaSdw
Zan/Zoxel Minimap - http://bit.ly/1nhIoyr - http://bit.ly/1ynOtx8

Any coremods are not listed due to them all being made by one of the owners of a mod already here. Their permissions can be found with each mod that needs one and can easily be accessed by looking at the needs for each mod.
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