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help me please

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Hello there me and my friends were playing on a tekkit server today and last night for a bit and it was all good but people were killing us over and over again so it became no fun so i said i would make my own server and i did and me and my brother were playing on it all good and then i wanted my friend to join and he is on a differand network then me and my brother so he couldn't join we all use hamatchi and i have hosted a vinila bukki 1.2.5 server be for and it works fine but now randomly it doesn't work please help me out it seems no matter what ip we use it doesn't work and no matter how we portforward it doesn't work so please help soon please this problem is makeing me very mad i have waisted 5 hours trieing to fix it but i can't please help please

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try to use better spelling (im not one to talk )

Bind in your server.properties the IP of the hosting machine's HamachiIP so if it was, set it to that. Port number wont matter (only does when running multiple servers.) on the router Port forward to the hosting Machine's Internal IP (so if it was portforward to that)

for you . just use localhost as the IP,

your brother: use the Hamachi IP

your friend use the Hamachi IP.

Should work from that if it doesnt see if someone will host for you guys.

((though you Really dont need Hamachi if you portforward correctly!))

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