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Technic SSP lets play, mushroomtreejo box 4 box as well?


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hey guys im jo


I just started a commentary, tell me what you think.

I decided to skip most of the boring starting stuff because i really couldn't say much about it and my playing style is really unorganized. So ive been focusing on those amazing moments in the technic pack.

Like this episode



Where i went rage on my Catalytic Lens and created an oversized unmanageable cavern, were mobs spawn like crazy. Creeper. Epic run back to my gear.

The following episode will be where i get back up in the form of a horse and a lion.

Don't bother watching Episode 1, its boring.

Also im keen to do some box 4 boxing cause the technic pack is a really fun and a viable solution to that progression problem that, i guess minecraft has (don't hate me for it , i just really like that progression aspects in games, like i enjoyed wow up till 70 then the progression aspect got really unmanageable and just silly in my opinion)

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