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Delay in Camera movie


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I've searched the forums, and googled it many different times, but I haven't found anyone else with this problem. Sorry, if there was a post, or fix about this....



The game loads fine, yes I've allocated 4Gbs via the Launcher, and I have all my settings on low. No haven't tried Optifine not sure I will, unless someone suggests it. 


So here's my issue. After I create a single player new world, and it fully loads, and then I spawn, and wait, for the world to update a little before moving. Then after it loads enough when I goto move my mouse the camera doesn't move right at all. There is a delay on my camera movement. It's like when you watch a badly translated film, and the actor's mouths move, but it takes a second, or two, for the audio to play.


Anyone else ever have this problem?



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