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RedStone design to turn off nuclear reactor?

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Hey Everyone!

I'm here curious about a way to set up a clock to automatically cooldown one of my reacotrs..

The design is here

Basically, it can run for 4 seconds of every 64 seconds; that is to say that I would like to make a mechanism that runs it for 4 seconds, then cools it for 60.

I'm pretty good with redstone and this should be a pretty easy task but I can't figure it out :c


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The easiest way would probably be to control it with a computercraft computer. Run the output through a not gate so default would be off and just have a program something like..

rs.setOutput("back", true)


rs.setOutput("back", false)


popped into a continuous loop (set the above as a function in a program at the top then have the main program just be a text input to start then for x = 1,1000 do "whatever you called your function" (or however many times it would run before cells die out).

If you want a redstone solution I guess a timer set to 64 s outputting to 4s worth of repeaters, so 80 ticks (which you can get with 2 redpower repeaters set to 64 and 16 in serial) then through a NOT gate to the reactor. That way the pulse every 64s from the timer will (after 4s) give 4s of output stored up in the repeaters and turn off the rs signal to the reactor letting it run.

Timer on 64s -> 64 tick repeater -> 16 tick repeater -> NOT gate -> Reactor

Just add a lever after the NOT gate as an emergency off switch and I would probably set the timer a bit longer than 64s just for a bit of leeway.

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Wow bonfire, I didn't even think of the ComputerCraft solution, I'll definitely use that.

I'm actually a developer myself so I'm savvy in programming, but I never really delved into ComputerCraft too much.


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Guest Ysharma

Now with the new nuclear mod regulation blocks you can hook it up to a thermometer and do stuff like that.

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