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RedPower wiring problem

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I have 2 Nuclear reactors in separate rooms with both having a fiber cable that merge into one that goes to my Batteries and Machines. At each fiber, near the reactors, I have a Detector.


| |



Now for the redpower wiring, I have 4 colors:

- blue for the left reactor

- green for the right reactor

- yellow for the left detector

- red for the right detector

Note that the detectors are linked to a normal redstone which is then linked to a redpower wire because direct redpower wire doesn't light up.

All wires merge into a colored bundle wire which then runs beside the fiber cable all up to a control room.

In the control room I have a lever and green light for each reactor, so when I activate the lever, the reactor activates and the green light go on. I also have a red light for each detector, so when power is detected in the cable, it lights up.

It works fine if I activate the levers, the green light are on and the reactors are running BUT, the red light doesn't turn on, even tho the detectors are working and both yellow and red wires beside them are lit up.

Why it doesn't work? Is that because you can't both send and receive a signal through a colored bundle?

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Got it.

I added a normal redstone repeater between the normal redstone and redpower wire for the detectors because even tho the wire was lit, it was not actually working without that.

Hope it will help others!

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