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Anyone know where the redpower disk images are saved?

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Hey everyone, first off I'd like to say nice job releasing a new version of tekkit, it has a few quirks but it's definitely worth messing around with.

Now onto the real topic: Previous to this release I had been doing some testing with the new redpower computer system in single player, and I'd like to import my disk images into the tekkit server. I know that in single player, the images are saved into /saves/savename/redpower/name.img, but I can't seem to find where they are stored in tekkit. (there is no redpower folder in world/)

I've done a few searches on my server, but it's turning up no results. (find | grep .img, find | grep redpower etc, it doesnt seem to be in the server folder or in the home directory)

Any help would be appreciated, and I understand that a lot of this kind of information probably isn't out there just yet.

EDIT: I'm not sure, but after looking into the redpower classes it seems they might be using the "WorldNBTStorage," but I have a feeling I'm missing something.

EDIT2: They seem to be saving into subspace using an invisible data IO class, so apparently they doesn't exist in our reality. /sarcasm

EDIT3: I might be wrong, but I dont think redpower is saving data to the disks in SMP at all.

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