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New Schematic Load & Save Command Issue

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Have Latest Tekkit Build

Have Latest Java

Windows 7 64 bit

Issue: New Schematic System will not reconize my Schematics

Have a Schematic that is saved with MCEdit

In Game I Type //Schematic Load MCEdit Hold

Game informs me that the Schematic is not of the MCEdit format

So in game I Typed

//Schematic Formats

It brought up a list of the 3 Available Schematic Formats MCEdit. mcEdit & mce

I subsequently try both the mcedit & mce & got the same answer

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1) Is there a question somewhere in there? If there is, I can't find it.

2) I think this is a more relevant question for the MCEdit creator/maintainer, as it doesn't really apply to the Technic Pack in particular.

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Q: Why wont the Schematic Load & Save System used by the latest Tekkit build not work with

Schematics that were saved with MCEdit

ps: Could be it I have World Edit if so than the solution would be to install MCEdit the Question than is

can it be download & is MCEdit supported by the new Tekkit Build

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