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World Generation Problems


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Hello, I'm running an attack of the b-team server using cauldron (mcpc+) and running towns and essentials and about 30 other plugins with it. The server runs at 9 GB dedicated ram and generally doesn't have any kind of lag. But recently, my players get bugged out at certain locations in the world, and then cannot join because they get a crash and I see an end of stream error at the console. The only way it works is if I delete the player's world file, or I sit watching the console and force a player to sudo run the /spawn command before they receive a server side check. It works sometimes, but I can't keep doing this.

I need to know if I could somehow keep the existing world file, and generate a fresh world with all the defaults from bteam, (not resetting other dimensions since they seem to be fine) and then having the players move their stuff from the old world to the new world.

I can use multiverse, but is that going to generate a world with all the modded resources and biomes or just plain minecraft stuff?

All ideas are appreciated. Thank you.

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