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massive FPS drop


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I'm running a Tekkit server for me and a few friends, but when i go near my house (in the general area) i get a drop in fps down to between 5 and 10, whereas it was 50+ when i go away from my house, and even when i'm near friends houses. I'm just wondering what it is thats causing the fps drop and if there was anything i could do to stop it.

This also happens for my friends when they get near the area.

Things that are in the area that i think the slowness is coming from include mainly pipes(normal, waterproof and teleport), engines and some forestry machines (moistener, fermenter, carpenters, still, bio-power generator). there are also some MFE's and cables.

I turned off all the engines, so no machines are running and nothing is going through the pipes and the engines aren't running, and i'm still getting this fps drop which is really annoying to play with.

any help you can give is much appreciated,


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Try using the command /remove items -1 (-1 being the range) you could have an item leak in one of your pipes. This command usually fixes lag issues on my server. Either that or you have an IC2 Power loop which I have never personally encountered and I have no idea how to fix. I believe that if you have an obscene amount of solar panels it can cause this kind of lag too.

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