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Making Tekkit based items blacklisted and "Unable To Craft"

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Hello, I am interested in knowing if by any means it is possible to make any of the tekkit items (ie. Nuke, some EE, and other overpowered tools) unable to craft.

// List of plugins at this time //

- Essentials

- EssentialsChat

- EssentialsGroupManager

- EssentialsProtect

- EssentialsSpawn

- SuperSimpleSpawners

- WorldBorder

- WorldEdit

If you know how to solve my issues, or you wish to help brainstorm this with me, then feel free to comment on this post.

I thank you for your time.

// Dan

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Edit: Just saw that there's also a more direct answer to the "how to prevent crafting" question in http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,12242.0.html, posted by another forum member called Albinoburrito666.

Original post:

Essentials.protect can prevent placement or usage of blocks, see essential's config.yml.

IC2 has an IC2.cfg in the mods folder (disable crafting of nukes, nerf explosive power of nuclear reactors and nukes, or remove the blockid), EE has an EE.props in the main folder that also allows disabling items.

As far as I know, there is however no real way to stop EE from unbalancing the only limiting factor in the usual game economy, namely diamonds & diamond-derived products. Even without the RM furnance duplication glitch: If you have EE enabled at all (and configured in a way that would not essentially prohibit getting EE gear), you can only -more or less reluctantly- accept that the new diamond is red matter, and that, them being based on a diamond economy, most economic additions by other mods have become fairly pointless. Of course the non-EE toys can still be fun to watch or build, but they're no longer really serving any important purpose.

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