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Multiplayer-Friendly Nuke Cannon?

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Ok, here is the story:

A private server that I play on is hosting one of it's monthly 'Tekkit Wars' battles.

The way these battles work, is that you move the players into two groups. 'Red' and 'Blue'.

Then, you mass-teleport the players to the starting points for each respective team. They then have 6 Minecraft Days to get all of the armor, weapons, resources and buildings that they can. From there, they have one Minecraft day to locate the opponents base via any non-cheating (I.E. xRay) means that they can.

No player my build or destroy outside the bounds of the area, which is very big.

Anyways, now that you have a rough grasp of what's going on, let me explain to you my problem. In Tekkit, I am finding it impossible to build a SMP-Worthy Nuke cannon, that does not blow up after the fact. This does not mean that I am bad with TNT cannons, this just means that I cannot think of a way to make it work.

All of the normal TNT cannon methods that I know of (Such as Dry/Wet cannons, piston compression, no launching block, ect...) do not seem to work with Nukes. I have the timings down perfectly with RP2, but after the set of active nukes blow, the launching Nuke does not move. So it just blows up my cannon.

If anyone knows of any methods that could be used to successfully launch a Nuke via a TNT-Cannon method, please post a reply!

(There are four days left until the competition, and the entire Blue team is working on this.)

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