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How do you disable the quarry?

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I've had a lot of trouble with the Quarry on my server. I've had a number of people crash my server with it, and I'd like to simply ban the item altogether. I'm not looking for a plugin that groups large amount of items... I simply want the quarry gone.

If there is a way to disable the quarry altogether, that'd be ideal. If there is a way to limit its use via a permissions plugin (I'm using Groupmanager, if that is relevant), that'd also work.

I've been trying to figure this out for days, and neither worldguard nor commandbook are preventing the quarry from being created, used, or placed.

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One of the larger quarry problems is the landmarks.. They allow you to make massive quarrys, which is a big no no for lag... Im not too sure on how to ban it all, but i'd suggest simply removing landmarks and not quarrys. That might help with the lag

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on server, buildcraft/config/buildcraft.cfg

in general: mining.enabled=true

change that to false and the recipes for miners and quarries are disabled, not sure if crafttable 3 will still bypass this like craft table 2 used to do.

also realize that you will need to have some way for people to get miners to make pumps.

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What exactly is laggy with the Quarry ?.

I use Nolagg and it stacks items into single item groups it also buffers items if more than 30 items are in the same same chunk and it will load slowly load in the buffered items as items in the chunk get picked up or expire.

My question then would be is it the Quarry or is it the actual items it spams causing the lag.

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