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Ok guys. i played a bit with Technic 6, got world, start playing, and about a week have pased. Got a home got some machinery, tamed a horse, and started exploring hoping to find some Dungeons from this mod. But i explored about 5000 block each side from house, and Nothing. Not a single castle, Pyamid, volcano or anything. i used xray txturepack to find something underground. No luck. Is they realy rare, or im just unlycky? cos i c items and mob spawner in Nei :/

Sorry wrong threat, can some1 move it to SSP section?:>

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If you go to the config file you can change the rates of the things, try changing them to like 1.0 ( maximum) and if nothing happens then something must be wrong.

The config file is located in C:\Users\******\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\technicssp and is called betterdungeons. Its a config file but i bet you know that you just need to open it with notepad

Hope it helps :)

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