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New to tekkit, and all its addons

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Hello, i am looking for a server that can help me out, to figure all the functions that is tekkit, if their is a server please tell me, If this topic is in the wrong section, please move it to the required section of the forum, thank you!

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There is a fully featured server list showing off all the tekkit servers out ther and is broken into 3 categories

Open-server: No white list. Join in without waiting for whitelist permissions.

White-list servers: These servers have a whitelist so it will take some time to approve you. But with white list there is a higher chance that there will be no griefers (no guarantee)

Deluxe servers: these are the best servers (Chosen from the technic pack site admins) and have shown there dedication into providing a great server.

Go here: http://forums.technicpack.net/

Then press CTRL+F and search for tekkit servers. Simple and done (If your on a mac then I cant help you make it more simpler)

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I ment if their is a server that can help new people,

repeating what others have said, go look in the server forums, many of them will say if they have stuff to help newbies.

further, lookup tutorials and let's plays on youtube, they'll give you ideas. Finally, familiarize yourself with the wiki's for the different mods, they'll be your biggest resource.

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Those wiki sites may be of use for learning about the mods. That's not all of them, but it's the main ones which form the basis of the pack, and will be the most complicated. It's not quite a server or live help, but they're good resources.

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I suggest you take a look at this! Really helped me and fun to watch! C:

This right here is amazing. It is what I used. Not only is it informative but it is also amazingly funny and entertaining to watch. I highly suggest it.

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