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Tekkit server having issues.

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I currently rent Minecraft server space from somewhere that uses Multicraft control panel. I have recently decided to change my server over from vanilla to Tekkit so I changed what Minecraft version I wanted to use via Multicraft and it all seemed to work. I logged in today to test it out before I let my friends back onto the server and it doesn't seemed to have worked correctly, the mod is in place and when in creative mode I can see all the Tekkit items in the menu and I can also see them in NEI but I can't spawn any of them in and there isn't any sign of the mod out in the game world either there isn't any oil, rubber trees, new ores, etc. I decided to use a FTP client to see if the mod was installed correctly and it seems to be so I don't really know what to do now to get Tekkit working as I have attempted reinstalling it many times.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Issue is fixed

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