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Outdated Client for tekkit clanforge server

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I own a server, through clanforge. As most people know Tekkit as been updated to 3.0.4 all has been done on clanforge so theoretically my server is now running 3.0.4. However Tekkit website stated that there is no need for a client update. BUT my client is still running 3.0.3 so naturally it is not compatible with my 3.0.4 server! When I do try to connect it says 'cant reach server' and 'end of stream'

Sorry to ask this irritating question but...

WHAT THE £%$^ DO I DO?!?!111

Thanks :)

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3.0.3 client is compatible with 3.0.4 server. 2.1.0 client isn't. Delete your client computer's tekkit folder (or just Clear Cache on tekkit, does basically the same thing), double-check version number, and reinstall.

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