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Xie's Farming Mod Issues

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Hey, Ive been poking around on forums aplenty, and so for have found nothing that really helps, so Im turning to the good people of Technic. Now, I know Xie's Farming Overhual was in Technic at one time, but was taken out, and Ive never known exactly why. Now, I have 4 major questions regarding the mod.

1: Firstly, I need to know if the current 7.0.1/1.2.5 dev build for Technic is compatible with Xie's Farming Mod.

2: Now, I need to know how to install new mods into the Technic SSP, so I can have Xie's mod with Technic.

3: Would I need to do lots of extra programming gunk to make it compatible, and if so, how?

4: Would the default Xie Farming Mod work, or do I need a specific one to work?

If you guys could help me answer these questions that would be awesome. I love Xie's Farming, but I also love Technic, and I soon just accepted that I possibly couldnt have the two together.

Although, if it is possible, I would like to know, thanks.

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