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AOTBT Australian Private Server

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Hey Everyone, 


Just started a local server to play on. Minecraft can get pretty lonely during the day as I work nights.

So if any fellow minecrafter wants to play survival with me add me on Skype =)


I am running a bukkit server. Plugins are just Anti Griefing, Chat Spam and Real Estate. I will add Economy when I can find out how to use it. Any help on the would be great =)


Again this is a local server so running from a home connection so I'm not sure how the lag is from where you are but my friends are in Sydney and don't lag.


Skype: MiLoLaMb (add me and just type AOTBT server)

Will be starting FRESH when I get another person =)


No OPs


Server specs

Intel i7 extreme 3960x

24GB DDR3 Ram


256GB SSD Backup

1TB HDD Extra

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