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    Team Fortress 2, ROBLOX (as a game engine, really), Programming (ComputerCraft FTW. Also ties into the ROBLOX thing), absurd humor, and meme trash (I have restraint, don't worry).
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  1. MC username: beanboy10 How much experience do you have with tekkit lite? Moderate experience, but very rusty. How often do you plan on playing? Every other day or more initially; Once or twice a week later Anything else we should know? First of all, clean record (0 bans, mutes), and I've played on another whitelist server that unfortunately slowly died (as far as I can tell, R.I.P). Second of all, I have this habit of playing a game for 3-6 months, then vanishing for another 3-6 months to another game. If I am whitelisted, I will try to make it more official when this happens and announce it. Third of all, no microphone. Sorry. By the way, are there any pluggins or plans to add any pluggins? I know this form is the grief protection, but /home and shops would be cool.
  2. back from the DEAD. Somehow just as inactive.

  3. *Your in-game name: beanboy10 *What do you think about the server?: The server is pretty good, but it has some problems. *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: More moderators and less lag. Blocks keep re-appearing for a second or two before being actually broken and there have been a lot of spammers and arguments that aren't being taken care of. In fact, the whole reason I'm here is because the server is a mess right now. Spawn is griefed, and I can't move or access commands (not even chat). I would be at home, but I am not teleporting there upon login, possibly because I have a home in the Tropicraft world. I cannot play right now. The only way spawn can be griefed, I believe, is by the hands of a moderator. I don't know if this is the case, or if said moderator would still be on, but I have a screenshot of the player list below. In short, HEEEEEEELP