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  1. Fixed. Sry for the delay. Since I have to remove the block with mcedit I can't fix it remotely. And I work long days sometimes. heh Try avoiding the "Auto-Outputs"... That might be what's causing the entire server to crash, everytime this error loads.
  2. I will remove it again. Try not using it in an automatic system... Will be done 4-5h from now... Sry, at work right now...
  3. Yes, having some strange problems today, Will fix it when I get off work. And for the "once every minute crashes", they are gone...
  4. Server IP: himni.se ★ Hey there! If you're looking for a friendly server to play on, look no further! We welcome all players. Just make sure to play by our simple rules! ★ Information: ✓ No whitelist - Everybody can join! ✓ No PvP - Let's focus on building, adventure & survival. ✓ Essentials - Easy basic commands for /home, /tpa, /msg etc. ✓ Grief Prevention - Super easy to protect your chests and builds. ✓ 24/7 uptime (unless there' a crash) ✓ Removed Mods: Statues <- Temporary ✓ Plugins: Essentials, Grief Prevention, Stats, Ranks, MobArena and more ★ Rules: ▶ Don't (even try to) grief ▶ Don't spam in the chat ▶ Don't advertise for other servers ▶ Don't use bugs or exploits ▶ Be friendly to everyone! ▶ Don't be disrespectful
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