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  1. I Love This Server And When Will It Be Up After The Crash??? P.S. Do U Have Any Mods Or Admins On The Server If Not I Would Like To Apply And Thx
  2. IGN: killerman2430 Age: 14 Do you record: I Have Just Started And I Will Start More In The Future. Could you donate:I Can donate if i have the money at that time. What would you do: I would build, play with people ,or my friends and have fun and play a lot. What do you love about AoTBT: I love all the mods and thermal expansion and mine factory reloaded because I'm a "Tech" Guy
  3. Ign:killerman2430 FIRST REAL NAME: Austin CONTACT(Skype, email) [email protected] Age: 15 LOCATION: USA-West Coast Pros: I want to find a nice cool server, i can build good not awesome, and i know most mods except witchery. Cons: i have school, but i can be on 5 hours Max and 1 hour Min. i have a trip on this weekend but i will play most of the time after that.
  4. Minecraft Name: killerman2430 Where are you from? USA Why are you applying? Because I go on servers and there not that good and people don't care How well do you know the mods in this mod pack? I know a lot of the mods carpenter, tinkers construct, witchery, etc... How old are u? Under Age 18 (15) How often do you think you will be on the server? A couple hours a day or more if i have time
  5. Clear Lag Sucks It Gets Rid Of Animals And People Make Farms For The Mods It's Annoying When U Have To Look For Animals Every 5 Minutes!!! U Should Make It That Items Dissapper Not Animals Not Cool!!! P.S. I Have Fun On The Server But I Am Not Liking It That Much Anymore Because OF THE "ClearLag".
  6. Not Working Saying Cannot Connect To Server!!! And It Was A Fun Server I Like The Server Now Im Disappointed
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