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  1. IGN: Shasune First Real Name: Johannes. Contact: prefer to keep it out of the public (you can pm me if you really insist of having it). Age: 23 Location: Europe Pros: want to play with other on big/small projects etc.. and try to learn the mods with others. cons: Working in shifts, so can be online alot in a week or very little, but on average i think it will be like 4 ~ 6 hours a week. Hope you consider letting me join, thanks for the possible intrest,
  2. All approved, but please note: the server is online only @ the weekends and that there can only be 5 online at the time.
  3. IP: !!UPDATED TO 1.0.8!! Key features: Survival No PvP Anti-grief No requirements to join other than being whitelisted! Small community! Weekends online from 10AM : 12PM WhiteListed Server rules: Please follow all rules at all times and notice me if someone does not follow the rules. There will be punishment for not following the rules. Do not grief Do not steal Do not spam or use all caps in the chat Do not use bugs to get an advantage Be friendly towards anyone! Have respect for anyone! Do have fun! DIsabled mod: ~none~ ABOUT: This is se
  4. Are you using the right Ip? you should be able to connect normally p.s. for the late response was busy the last couple of day couldn't really check upon the server.
  5. Sorry about that was out of town for a bit its online now Ip has been change on the topic My apologies.
  6. Probably not so many against the reset votes @ GigaPanda Approved
  7. Thesgt, golddigger, shabam and lets_roll Approved, As for Application go for now we are full.
  8. The_warchild, Grimz93 Approved, @GameAlpha sure why not. cant see any harm in that.
  9. Unan, johncena5643 Approved, have fune Please note that the Servers Ip will change on 8/15/2013. and that there can be some lagg issues till then!!
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