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  1. I want my gear back i lost Stack of lapis blocks for luck on pick and sword 15 cobalt and 15 ardite for tools 5 balls of moss 4 emeralds for tool modifiers 100 nether quartz for sharpness Full amethyst armor or equivalent 3 lava crystals 3 stacks of redstone blocks for modifier 5 diamonds and 5 blocks of gold for modifiers 16 paper for tools 24 blue slime crystals ak47 and 4 clips of ammo
  2. I lost my grave Angrymiget died on the same block and my grave is gone help We NNNNNeeeeeeeeDDDDDDD our admin how many people are playing a is lot less
  3. We need the Admins come on it is hectic there are graves everywhere in spawn and Loli's house (including me)
  4. Same thing happening to me lost basic Thermal Expansion machines a magma crucible hardened conduits witchery stuff FYI i know it wasn't protect but seriously who steals nobody i know
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