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  1. AdamHovorka

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    As far as debugging goes, when you try to open it, does it break easily? Can you see any signs of... tunneling? And when you knock on it, would you say it makes a "whoomp" or a "thud"?
  2. AdamHovorka

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    ​It seems weird to say I "want" to have a mental disorder, but for what it's worth: Also, there's this:
  3. AdamHovorka

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    ​Huh. looks different now. Well, not the header, but the actual site anyways. Not that I don't trust their abilities, but might it not be a good idea to use that copy to make one of our own? Preferably more reader friendly? I'd take the lead, but my new job is kind of wreaking havoc on the everything right now.
  4. AdamHovorka

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    If it's just static files, I'd recommend GitHub Pages. It's free, it can be hooked to a custom domain really easily, and it gives you practically unlimited storage (I think there's a repo limit somewhere around 10 GB, but you can just stick some of the content in another repo if you ever hit it; it shows up as another folder).
  5. AdamHovorka

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape This could be interesting, and I'm curious about/skeptical of their method of scent replication, but what I really want to know is why the lady in the video is so poorly dubbed.
  6. AdamHovorka

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    Fluid dynamics and ASCII art do, apparently, mix.
  7. AdamHovorka

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    I made a thing: It needs a decent sized audience for it to work well, and Byte just made me realize that y'all qualify as living, breathing human beings for the most part. You should get on it and help distract me from my finals this week. 'Cause that's a good idea, obviously.
  8. AdamHovorka

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    PSA: If your Nginx instance is mysteriously refusing to forward requests to upstream servers, check to make sure it was actually compiled with proxy support instead of just assuming. Took me a freaking day and a half to figure out. Well actually that... that probably isn't useful to anyone but me. But still. The more you know.
  9. I occasionally words good. And you?

    1. TheBytemaster


      Words is good the I do yes.

  10. AdamHovorka

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    Just in case people miss the thread or (like me, usually) only monitor certain threads through emails, I could use some help figuring out whether I'm sane or not. If you have an inclination towards or a propensity for astrophysics and the like, or if you just like breaking other people's stuff for fun, your input would be greatly appreciated.
  11. AdamHovorka

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    Checking again, 'cause I don't remember if there was an answer from threads gone by. Are there hard limits database-wise on post length? I've been writing one and it accidentally turned into a 12+ page essay, so I figured I'd check in case it might break more things.
  12. New claim to fame: I accidentally built a time machine. Twice.

  13. Lawless flogic.

    1. TheBytemaster
    2. poryy


      That would be a hell of a stamp needed.
  14. I'm a poet and I didn't even realize.

    1. TheBytemaster


      I'm a rhymer and I didn't even slimer.
    2. Mooseman9


      Slimer? I hardly knew her.
    3. Kalbintion


      Knew her? I hardly slimer!
  15. Lag, lag, go away. Come again, uhm, never...

    1. Kalbintion


      But who doesnt love delicious lag?