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  1. Its only server-side change.
  2. Yes, they are all for latest tekkit. I can't really see a reason to use old tekkit, so why would you use old fixes?
  3. I though this was fixed in 3.0.4. Anyway, added.
  4. Thanks, added.
  5. I think there should be a thread with all public fixes/workarounds for all tekkit mods. Currently, they are spreaded around the forums and hard to find. Let me start, make a comment if you know any unlisted fix or workaround: Plugin/Addon fixes: WorldGuard - Ability to protect all tekkit blocks inside regions LWC - Fix for playerinteract error due to MFFS forcefield bug LWC - Add tekkit items to protection Guide 1 Guide 2 Mod fixes: NEI - Ability to spawn items fix EE - Most tools that break blocks patched to be logged and protected EE - Alchemist Chest dupe fix EE - Blazerod/Bonemeal EMC value patch ComputerCraft - Disk drive dupe fix ComputerCraft - Startup loop workaround - add "os.reboot = nil" (without quotes) to mods/ComputerCraft/lua/rom/startup ComputerCraft - Easy Redpower crash fix TubeStuff - fix for slotChanging(0) spam in console
  6. Where did thread with list of all fixes (EE, WG) go?
  7. About #4, I don't recommend HawkEye. There is no blacklist option which means that all entries from BuildCraft and RedPower will fill out your database and put strain on your database. I don't think there is really need to log every block quarry digs.