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  1. Its only server-side change.
  2. I only removed crashing code, not the fix. So people can still get the fix.
  3. You cannot do that unless you distribute patch to all players.
  4. I know I should be more discrete, but I wanted to put instructions on so admins can test how serious this issue is. And fix is included, so it should not matter. It's also fixed in ComputerCraft 1.4, so this fix is only temporary until next tekkit.
  5. There is a way to very easily crash server using CC computer. Just make a new program with that code and run it: Code removed, PM me if you want to test. It will basically cycle through redstone states very fast and in few seconds server will crash with RedPower error. And if bad guy added that to the startup script and there is a chunkloader nearby, server will also crash almost immediately after starting up, rendering it useless. FIX: Add this to the end of the /mods/ComputerCraft/lua/rom/startup : oldRedstoneFunction = rs.setOutput rs.setOutput = function(side, bool)
  6. Is there a way to remove restricted items from alchemy bags that are already there, apart from manually opening/copying every single dat file?
  7. Interesting. On our server, we found this bug to be beneficial since we can easily farm enderpearls without being annoyed by enderdragon, before we are ready to kill them.
  8. Yes, but AFAIK there is no way to automate this. So you cannot produce EMC on large scale and/or create huge infinite loop machines that creates a lot of lag.
  9. Yes, they are all for latest tekkit. I can't really see a reason to use old tekkit, so why would you use old fixes?
  10. I don't think it is caused by this patch, but by tubestuff mod. I think there is a fix floating around somewhere.
  11. This is fix for macerating bone meal, where you get 5 bone meal from one bone, but you can transmute 2 bone meal into 1 bone, meaning easy free EMC. As for darkroom, as I said, I recommend blocking deployers from using bone meal.
  12. Try puting item into transmutation tablet. EMC value shown when you hover mouse over item will stay the same because that is client side.
  13. We are using AutoSaveWorld. Works well.
  14. I though this was fixed in 3.0.4. Anyway, added.
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