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[1.1.1] Private Server [100 slots][whitelist]No banned Items

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Small Tekkit legends server i started. Brand New as of May 19th.

like 10G of ram,

No Banned items, Just play and have fun.

Looking for some people to play with. 18+ or if your mature enough.


Dont Grief, No Drama, No Disrespect, No Dupe Glitches.

Server Ip: (old server domain)


Comment With Age and Ign If you're interested to be Whitelisted. 

If you want to reach me on Skype: Dmgretty

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Age - 19

IGN - Macrobyte

I'm looking for a server to play with a few people and just have a trustworthy community where everyone can just have fun. :)


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Me and my friend

Age: 15

IGN: Captainpatri and BlueBitt

We are very mature, and we just want to play on a server quietly, without anyone bothering us, or bothering anyone else :) 

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Age: 17

IGN: swassum

I won't be begging for items or anything, just want a small server to play on and I'll be reasonable with my builds so they won't lag the server

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Here is my IGN: icecat5055 I am new to tekkit legends but I have played over 50 hrs of the tekkit modpack but I havent played for a year or so. I am 17 but very mature and dont even sound my age people say I sound older so my voice would not be annoying.

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Hey everyone, My name is Joey, I am 16 years old

My timezone is CEST but i can be online most of the time since i have vakation for 6 weeks

I woud like to join this server and play along side people

I am a verry nice person if i say so myself i can be online most of the time 

My IGN= JoeyUP

If i woud to be accepted to this comunity i woud be very happy, have a nice day and i'l hear about it


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IGN- pdog2816


I've been playing tekkit since it came out and would like to keep it the way it used to be, no banned items.

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    • By 19Echo
      Right now it is in it's early stages of development but I am hoping to grow it into what Tekkit Classic was!
      I know there are "updated tekkit packs" but they all add in extra mods. I just wanted to play Tekkit how it was in the old days.
      Right now I am using the updated version if Industrial Craft 2 but I can and will change it to the Classic Remake of it if you guys want me to seeing as I am making it for this community.
      I want you guys to help test it and tell me what recipes should be changed to fit what classic was going for.
      I have all the mods from Tekkit Classic except for the one or two that is not available anymore and I also have some recreations of the Old mods.
      ProjectE is in this pack and I have never actually messed with the mod myself but I hear it is more OP than EE2. I will configure the mod to better fit EE2 in the future though with your guys help!
      Please let me know what some changes that you feel should be made and I will look into it!
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      Hi, i've been playing for about two weeks on this server and i've never changed anything to it in the settings. Since about a day or two ago my server kept crashing at random times i'm not sure if the world is corrupt or some of the mods aren't working properly.
      crash logs:
    • By SeargeantChampion
      Dedicated Tekkit Classic Server 24/7
      You earn money by playing ( 100$ per minute )
      You can create or join a faction
      Grief is not tolerated, CoreProtect is available for Staff to fix any grief
      99.9% ITEMS Available, just the most dangerous ones were banned 
      No lag
    • By crazedpudding
      I can load up the game fine but when I try to join a server or a single player world it tells me to restart my game. It says its an invalid session and to restart but when I restart it just doesn't work. Please help!
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      I've been running a server for myself and a couple friends on an old laptop for about a month now, and about a week or 2 ago, my laptop froze and I had to abruptly shut it down. I backed up the server and flashed the laptops storage afterwards to get rid of anything that could slow it down or cause it to freeze. When I loaded the server back on to the laptop and logged in, some chunks have either been lowered, raised, have incorrect terrain and sometimes a long line of about 10-15 chunks have a hard time loading but return after some time. But after these missing chunks load back, it will return in a different location in the world. 
      This is probably a long shot, but is there a way to copy all the player made changes (ie, builds, mines, machines, ect), restart the world with the same seed, then paste all the changes back into the new world? If not, is there other ways to fix these issues without completely starting over?
      Note: I couldn't find the missing chunk error while collecting screenshots, so I pulled a picture from google that resembles my issue
      Edit: I have found the missing chunks error some time after posting this thread. Google image has been removed and has been replaced with link to my screenshot