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Yorumai Guilds World


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Have you ever wondered what it's like to participate in an MMORPG in Minecraft, but could never find servers that offered the right playstyle? On the Yorumai server, the only commands you have, are /sethome, /tpa, and the ability to create Guilds.

Within these Guilds you Raid dungeons, Collect Loot, PvP, Build amazing Lands, and defeat all of the bosses that Hexxit2 has to offer.

You bases can NOT be raided, you CAN be killed at any time, and TnT to get into bases is NOT permitted.


Do you and your friends have what it takes to become the Strongest Guild, and form the Strongest Legend in the world of Yorumai?

yorumai.apexmc.co                                                Yorumai_Ad..pdf


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