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[1.2.10cx] - GomoTech - [PVP/PVE]-[60 Slots]-[OPEN]-[Plugins]-[Survival]-[100% Uptime]


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We run a Tekkit Server (v1.2.10cx) which is intended for all players who enjoy playing this game, team up, set goals & go on adventures!

To ensure better and more immersive experience, we only enabled teleporting in the Overworld (with a cost $ and cooldown). The game has been balanced in the best way possible to avoid usage of over-powered items.

There we welcome any player, no matter their skill level, origin, belies or ethnicity. The server has been created in order for players to team up, get new friends and enjoy the game in general.

GomoTech is an old server which first came online back in 2016. The game has been optimized and balanced to provide the best TEKKIT experience possible.

There is no pay-to-win system / gameplay, nor will there ever be.

We welcome you to join our discord server! There you will find some additional server information, and if you ever get stuck, either with a technical problem (ingame or while trying to join the game) we will gladly assist you!

Some of the plugins that we use:
Essentials, GroupManager, Autorank, MobCash, MobArena, Jobs, HolographicDisplays, PreciousStones, TimeIsMoney, Wordguard, WorldEdit, Vault, WorldBorder, Gravestone, PvPtoggle..

Chunk loading, Quarries and Laser Drills are allowed, but in a controller manner.
• No cheating
• No bug exploiting
• No griefing/stealing
• No hacked clients
• Keep the chat as mature as possible
• Be respectful to one another
• Basic English knowledge
• Have fun!

Server IP: tekkit.gomotech.net   (no port needed)
MC version: 1.6.4
Tekkit version: 1.2.10cx

Server restarts 2 times a day in order to ensure the optimal performance and best experience for everyone! That means, approximately 5 minute of down-time per restart.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us on discord.

We are looking forward to seeing you in-game!






Server Shop



Mob Arena 1



Mob Arena 2


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